SharptMt blogging…

Whoa ! It’s working !!!!!!!

Very coool !!!!!!!!! What ?

Simply, this is my first post from my PDA !!!

You probably don’t know,  but I own a Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC (Mio)….and I’ve just installed one of the goodest .cab, I’ve ever found…


Today I’ve got an idea, looking for a simple and easy way to post, on my blog using my pda…

Taking a look around, I found a software for Pocket PC called.. Sharp MT 

It’s simply fantastic… fast, easy to use, and, overmore,  it’s working with  !

Yes, I can post to from my pda using a program…and not the web editor…(and,yes IT IS an offline editor)

Anyway… the correct settings for for SharpMT are these:

Web Server : (like

CGI-BIN Path: /xmlrpc.php

User Name: johnsmith (your username)

Password : ******** (your password)

then hit “Refresh”

Everything works fine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much Randy Rants !!!

Playing Aerosmith – Dream On…