backup gmail to your pc

Hi guys,

I’ve been able to see many complaints about the gmail service and it’s availability…
I mean, it’s a free service and with the super cool servers that google is using we have probably nothing to worry about.


as people is use to say we’ve better be SAFE than sorry so it could be a good idea to make a complete (but disorganized) gmail backup to our computer. We probably won’t be ever able (or requested) to roll back our backup but it will stay available on our hard disk. (is “available on” correct ?!? )

We could use POP3 and download every single message to our mail client and then save but it’s insanely long and boring, so…

there is a program Gmail Backup ( a very nice & easy program to backup your whole gmail account ” the ultimate one-click solution for doing backups of your GMail account.”

BACK IT UP and store the file safely on your hard disk.

As usual, hope this helps someone