Hi !

Welcome to my blog 🙂

Hello ! I’m a DevOps/Site Reliability Engineer Lead with a strong interest in distributed, highly-scalable and cloud-based systems architecture.

Worked for years in SysOps roles, focused on infrastructure management and Cloud on the 3 major public cloud providers, recently focused on AWS & GCP.

Experienced in the finance sector, specifically on high-performance payment platforms and systems compliance (PCI – Level 1). Managed production-grade, Kubernetes clusters, with tens of microservices and wrote infrastructure tooling to support it in Go.

Regular speaker at conferences and meetups.

This has always been a technical blog; I used to write tutorials, and now I write ideas about software development in general.

This blog has a very old story! I wrote the first post in 2007! I basically grew up with it 🙂 It is still here as a reference of the time passed by. Be forgiving of the old articles on Windows Mobile! We all made mistakes when we were young 🙂

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, you have a nice blog about computers and technology (and linux -awesome). May I please have your email address?
    You may wish to drop a few lines on my add:

    Kind regards,

    Shailen Sobhee.

  2. Hey,

    I love this website! BTW, when is the Sorcerer coming out???

    (I texted you about Minecraft)
    (I go to your school )
    (My first and last name both begin with an M)

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