How-to Windows DreamScene with Non-Ultimate Vista & different languages

Oh good morning, few readers !

Yesterday…I was looking around for something funny for Vista…and i found something VERY FUNNY…the Cool Windows DreamScene extension, this extension simply allows videos and other optimized animations to be used as desktop wallpapers. ; no, not exactly like VLC, the difference is that DreamScene, instead of using the CPU time it makes use of GPU (video card), this is a very remarkable difference if you’re interested in performances,
…anyway it seems that this extension is only available to English users of Windows Vista Ultimate (or, to people with English Language Pack installed in Windows Vista)…

…it seems…


as usual it is not…

I mean, you don’t need Vista Ultimate to use DreamScene, you could use
it with Vista Home, Home Premium,Business…whatever you want, in fact
you don’t even need the English version of Vista, but the language version, you prefer…Italian, French….

you can follow the original instruction I’ve found at this site:


but, the instructions corrected are following (in red):

first of all download somewhere, a file called, if you can’t find it, post a comment or e-mail ..maybe I can help you…

  1. Download the patched DreamScene files as above and unpack to a folder.
  2. Copy DreamScene.dll to %WinDir%\System32\ folder.
  3. Copy DreamScene.dll.mui to %WinDir%\System32\en-US\ folder.
  4. Copy this file also to your language folder (if your language is italian \System32\it-IT ; if french \System32\fr-FR and so on…)
  5. In Windows Explorer, navigate to %WinDir%\System32\ folder.
  6. Right click on themecpl.dll file, and click on Properties on right click menu.
  7. Select the Security tab, then click Advanced.
  8. Subsequently select the Owner tab, click Edit button. Press Continue
    (or log in if you’re not Administrator) on any User Access Control
  9. Select your Vista logon user name, then click OK button. Then click
    OK in any dialog window that pops up, and press OK again at Advanced
    Security Settings window.
  10. On Security tab, click the Edit button. Press Continue (or log in
    if you’re not already an Administrator) on User Access Control prompt.
  11. Click Add button, and click on Advanced button. Next press Find Now
    button, and then select your logged on user name. Press OK when done.
  12. Click OK again on Select Users or Groups dialog.
  13. On Permissions for themecpl.dll window, highlight your user name,
    and check the box next to “Full Control” under “Allow” column. Hit OK
    when done, and confirm any message. Click OK twice to exit from
    ownership taking process.
  14. Resuming passages from 5 to 14 -> ” Get the ownership and write access to themecpl.dll “
  15. Rename the file themecpl.dll in %WinDir%\System32 to themecpl.dll.original.
  16. Copy the patched version of themecpl.dll to %WinDir%\System32\ folder.
  17. Repeat step 4 – 12 on themecpl.dll.mui file located in %WinDir%\System32\en-US\ folder.
  18. Repeate the passages even to the same file located to your language folder (System32\fr-FR and so on…)
  19. After taking ownership, rename the file %WinDir%\System32\en-US\themecpl.dll.mui to themecpl.dll.mui.original.
  20. Copy the patched version of themecpl.dll.mui to %WinDir%\System32\en-US\ folder.
  21. The last two passages must be repeted to your language file folder
  22. Create a new folder in %windir%\Web named “Windows DreamScene”
    (without quotes). This is the location to place all your videos want to
    set as DreamScene wallpaper, and can be easily configured via Control
    Panel Personalization applet.
  23. Lastly, import and merge DreamScene.reg to registry.
  24. Reboot computer.

Question: What is %windir% ?
Answer: %Windir% is a environment variable, that means “my windows folder”, usually it is the good and old “c:\windows”.

Tip: I’ve never liked c:\WINNT, folder name and syntax…

Known-Issue: After the patching activities, the Monitor Applet of Control Panel is in English….it works perfectly anyway…

Hope this was useful.

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  1. Hey there… could you help me with the zip file for the non ultimate edition of dreamscene please?

  2. delivers hi definition HD 720 1080 dreamscene downloads for windows vista

    Ultimate, site gets updated with new free dreamscene downloads daily.
    No registration required for downloads all downloads are free ,
    wonder why there is a member registration on the site then ?

  3. here you can find a lot of free dreamscene´s in high quality and also if you have no vista ultimate you can download a tool called xpcene that allow you to run your dreams at windows xp. have fun

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