How-to Deepest Sender – ScribeFire & WordPress

Well, I admit I’m tired… yeah…tired of stupid virus and crazy BLACK HOLES, in parsing programs….

so, what to do ???

Well, I’ve better a simply and easy How-to use the Firefox Extension Deepest Sender  or ScribeFire with WordPress

What, the hell, are Deepest Sender and ScribeFire? well simply they’re quick and simple editors, useful to “direct blog posting “, what you’re thinking in a VERY EASY, way…

So, how-to make DS and SF work with WordPress ???

Well, ideally, you just have to install them and use the…

In this hard word…you have better not to follow the rules…

I mean…

When you’re setting up your blog URL…you MUST MAKE A MISTAKE…, well, simply you have to add “/xmlrpc.php” at the end of requested blog’s address…


if you blog address is “”, in Deepest Sender you have better to enter “”… just if you want the extension working….

in ScribeFire at the begin enter your blog’s url with “/xmlrpc.php”, then “Next” than, forgetting the error, try the address again, and……….ooooooohhhhhhhhhh…………’s working !!!

Cool, isn’t it ?



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14 thoughts on “How-to Deepest Sender – ScribeFire & WordPress

  1. This helped me out big time. I used to use Deepest Sender with Livejournal, and when I switched to WordPress the instructions on the exact url to enter weren’t very clear.

    You rock.

  2. Thank you. I bet they get tons of bug reports so you’d think they would put the correct instructions for wordpress by now. But your tip worked the first time, thanks again.

  3. scribe fire does not work for me even after i set it up like this, it doesnt post and it cant find categories, i use a self hosted wordpress, do u think that is why its not working????

  4. Thank you. I keep forgetting the special WordPress posting url to use, and this helped. I had put Scribefire on my Firefox, but it didn’t seem to recognise my secondary Wp blog. I use Deepest Sender all the time anyway, so this is better. :)D

  5. When I such as the rapid modal concept ( and look ) as well , In my opinion it leaps just a little considerably outside of the typical put up creation circulation . That’s not necessarily a bad issue nevertheless I don’t feel a step should be further between clicking to add a new post just in case the edit submit screen actually appears .
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